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    We manufacture parts with tolerances as low as .0003 inches
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    ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED

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We specialize in the manufacture of critical, tight tolerance parts and components for commercial and defense contracts. We specialize in precision machining.


We work with many types of materials including but not limited to Alum Alloys, Stainless Steels, Copper, Brass, Titanium, KOVARs, plastics, etc. Visit our materials page.

Precision Engineering

At Icon, precision & tight tolerance machining delivers on customer expectations. We produce reliable and quality components using cutting-edge technology.

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We’re a private, family-run organization with strong core values and we believe our customers are our partners.

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AS9100C certifies our quality management, processes, and product control to meet requirements specific to the aerospace community.


Icon is also ISO 9001:2015 certified. We value the true measure of our quality: customer satisfaction and long-term business relationships.


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