Icon Machine Company

Mission Statement

We are partners.

Why Choose Us

The organization since its establishment has one mission in mind: to provide precision quality parts and components to our customers by using technological innovations and doing it in the most economical, reliable and timely manner.
We are committed to provide the best quality and value in products and services helping our customers, as a trusted supplier to:
  • Manufacture reliable and quality parts
  • Deliver Quality parts made to the customers specification On-Time
  • Efficiently and continuously improve our systems and operations
Together, we create an environment in the spirit of partnership that enables mutual growth and development.
In order to ensure and promote consistent growth of the company, each and every member of our team understands and accepts individual responsibilities. This is how we are able to provide the highest quality of service to our customers. Icon's goal is CUSTOMER FOCUS by providing (1) defect free product in the most (2) economical, efficient and (3) timely fashion.

On-time Delivery

With our reliable partners and our excellent teamwork and coordination, we deliver on time.


We have a team of specialists capable of delivering on projects efficiently and cost-effectively.


Icon has cutting edge quality management systems which ensure high quality standards.


We guarantee reliable products and total customer satisfaction. Period.

Icon Machine Company

Quality Comes First

Icon Machine takes pride in what we do. We guarantee the quality of our work and honor our delivery commitments. Cutting-edge technology ensures high quality standards throughout all of the company's processes. These quality control mechanisms allow integrated monitoring of work at all stages of design and manufacturing and with quality assessment benchmarks throughout.

- The Icon Team

Trusted !


We are AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified and maintain the highest quality standards.